The academic session of the college is form 1st June of a year to 31st may of the next year.


The department of higher education has introduced e-admission in the degree colleges. Students desirous seeking admission in +3 arts, science and commerce should apply online through the official website A Common Application Form (CAF) and a common prospects (cp) are available in the website for students reference. But admission in honours subjects is. allotted to the students on merit.

  • College uniform
  • Boy- pant (coffee color)
  • Shirt(sky color)
  • Girls – saluar(coffee color)
  • Chuni(coffee color)
  • College uniform is compulsory for all students. Students without uniform cannot enter into classroom.
  • Identity card

Identity card is the identity of a student. Hence, Dayavihar Degree College provides laminated water proof identity card to all staff and students. It is compulsory for all students. Without identity card students cannot enter into the classroom.
In case the identity card is lost, it should be reported to the office of the college through proper channel and on submission of rupees Rs 50 a duplicate identity card is issued to the student very soon. Misuse of identity card is an offence and hence every student should care for it

Code of conduct for students

1. Students should attend the classes regularly.
2. They are required to attend at least 75% of the class. Use of uniform and identity card is compulsory/mandatory.
3. They should maintain decency, decorum and discipline in the college premises.
4. Students are not allowed to enter into the office of the principal and staff common room freely. If necessary, they may enter with permission.
5. Disfiguring of the college building is strictly prohibited.
6. Students of the college cannot form any club or society without permission of the principal.

7. Students should not misuse the electrical items inside the college premises.

8. They should not loiter here and there in the corridors during the class hours.

9. Misbehavior to a student or staff of the college will be seriously judged and complaint against a student or staff should be brought to the notice of the principal.

10. Application for CLC, conduct certificate, mark sheet etc should be applied in the proper proforma along with required dues in the office three days in advance.


Notice board is the news brochure of the college. Hence, a student is required to see the notice board every day to know details of the notice given regarding information like collection of dues, the commencement of examination, the closure and opening of college and all other academic information. Tearing, scratching and snatching notice form the board is an offence and any student found guilty in this connection shall severely be punished and penalized.
Other rules and discipline
1. Every student should aim at building his own character with genial behavior.
2. Other extracurricular activities like knowledge of art, drama, music, games and sports etc, should be acquired with their own effort.
3. A student should be sincere, regular and maintain discipline in the classroom along with the proper use of library and leisure hours.
4. A student should treat others as his/her brothers and sister and teachers as his/her guides, guardians and philosophers.
5. A student must not be rude or discourteous to the staff members (both teaching and non-teaching) of the college. The student may bring any type of grievance to the notice of the member in-charge of student’s grievance redressal cell or principal politely, directly or to the complain box. Creating any sort of violence in the campus is strictly prohibited.
6. Groupism, hooliganism and communalism etc in the campus are prohibited.
7. Nobody is allowed to tease others either student or staff.
8. Students must not loiter in the college verandas when the classes are going on. They are required to use the reading room or common room meant for them.
9. If a student is found interrupting in the classroom intentionally, disciplinary action should be taken against him/her.
10. All the students must be decent well-behaved in any match, participation of sports and other function relating to the college, otherwise they will be dealt with seriously.

Lesion notes/plan

Lesson plan and notes should be maintained by every lecturer and demonstrator. The academic bursar should check the lesion plans and notes every week or when ever he/she desires. It is the responsibility of the lecturers and demonstrators to progresss the course as per the guideline prescribed by the university. The heads of departments are responsible for any disturbance in the maintenance of the lesson-cum-progress register.