The college provides sanitary facilities to the staff and students. The Toilets with running water are available separately for the staff, boys and girls. Mineral drinking water is also available at different points to meet the need of the staff and students.

The college has a big play ground within the campus. It provides facilities to the students to involve themselves in outdoor games like cricket, football, voley-ball, kho-kho etc. The PET Sj.Prasant Kumar Pradhan encourages the students to take part in different sports and games. The college organises inter college cricket match and Annual Sports in the ground.

A laboratory is a work place where scientific research, experiments or measurements are done. The study of science without laboratory means nothing. Hence, our college provides well equipped laboratories for different departments. The college has seven laboratories for practical subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Education and Geography. The students get their chance to conduct practicals in laboratories.
The college has good canteen for the students and staff. It provides light refreshments like tea, coffee, cold drinks, ice-cream etc. and breakfast to the students and staff as per their requirement. The canteen opens in all working days from 9.00am. to 5.00pm.
Our college provides health care services to the students and staff. The service is provided by the YRC Unit headed by the Counsellors. They also organises regular health check-up programmes where the staff and students get their chance to measure their blood pressure, pulse, Oxygen level, weight and temperature. The Unit also Provides First-Aid to all the students and Staff.
Under the guidance of Dept. of Higher Education ‘Mo College’ Programme was launched in the college on dt.21.03.2021. it is launched to design emotionally invested platforms to reach out the vast alumni network in the world and create atmosphere for development and larger transformation of the college with proper implementation of the Programme. The college has formed the committee as per the guideline of the govt. It has also a separate saving account for the smooth operation of transaction. The alumni can donate money, kinds or physical support for the development of the college. It will develop a sense of belongingness in them.