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The Department of Higher Education has introduced e-Admission in the Degree College. Students desirous seeking admission in +3 Arts Science & Commerce should apply online through the official website www.

General Rules

  1. The library normally opens from 9 a.m to 4 p.m on all working days.
  2. Library card are issued to the students to borrow the library books.
  3. The students should renew their library card at the start of every session.
  4. Loss of library card should be reported to the officer in-charge or librarian.
  5. A duplicate library card should be issued on payment of Rs.10/-
  6. Students are required to produce their library card along with their demand slips before one day.
  7. The library card is not transferable.
  8. The borrower should examine the books before leaving the counter.
  9. Books should be returned to the library in the specified time allotted to the students.
  10. In case a book is disfigured the borrower will be penalized.
  11. In case some pages are missed from the book, the borrow should be penalized with the price of a new book.
  12. Students seeking TC/CLC must get the clearance of the library.
  13. Books should be returned to the library before vacation.
  14. The textbooks of a discipline should not be issued to a staff belonging to other discipline.
  15. Magazines, journals and periodicals shall not be issued to students. Students or staff may read the above in the reading hall.